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Drone footage shows complete destruction of burned-down Baltimore senior center

The Mary Harvin Transformation Center was torched during the Baltimore riots Monday night. New footage from Elevated Element shows the aftermath.

A still from an Elevated Element drone video following the Baltimore riots. (Screenshot via YouTube)

More than 200 fires burned across Baltimore in the wee hours of Tuesday morning amid the unrest that followed Freddie Gray’s funeral.
One of the biggest blazes took place at the East Baltimore property of Southern Baptist Church. The building, which was under construction, was set to be a new home for the Mary Harvin Transformation Center. About 45 percent complete, it was set to house a community center and 60 houses for senior citizens.
Much of the country watched the building burn on cable. The morning after, Elevated Element sent a drone over the scene to survey the damage. The blackened remains show little, if anything, left of the building.

“Just when we had reached the point of putting the building under roof, all of the framing as well as most of the elevator shafts and concrete slabs were completely lost,” the Woda Group, which is developing the building, said in a statement.
The company pledged to finish construction.

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