Dominique Clarke left town for a coding bootcamp of her own

Zip Code's former community engagement manager recently graduated from DevMountain in Dallas. She even won a few awards.

Zip Code Wilmington's former community manager, Dominique Clarke.

(Courtesy photo)

It hasn’t been long since Dominique Clarke, former community manager at Zip Code Wilmington, left for Texas. Sam Hanna has since been hired as community marketing manager, but it wasn’t exactly clear to the tech community why Clarke left. She finally told us.
We previously reported that Clarke was in Austin. Well, she’s actually in Dallas now. Why? She decided to try the developing thing herself and plunged headfirst by enrolling at DevMountain, a Dallas-based 13-week front end development bootcamp that offers housing and one-on-one mentoring.
But she still has love for Zip Code Wilmington.
“I would have attended Zip Code as a student, but Zip Code focuses mostly on backend development,” Clarke explained. “I knew I wanted to be a front end developer and spend as much time as possible learning JavaScript. So I searched for programs across the country that focused on JavaScript and settled on DevMountain.”
Before Clarke left Wilmington, she taught herself through classes at Udemy and Codeacademy, the very courses she recommended for her applicants during her time at Zip Code. She eventually helped bring Girl Develop It to Wilmington and taught its first class. But she still wanted to learn more.
“Even moreso than the material I was learning, however, I began to love the people I met. I met so many inspiring, talented, creative and accomplished men and women in tech,” reminisced Clarke. That was how grew attached to the culture and the community of coders as a whole.
So what exactly has Clarke been working on? According to her Github page, a music discovery app called Lalela, which earned her the prize of Best Design Server Project at DevMountain, and HikeScore, an app designed for exploring the outdoors, which earned her the title of Best Technical No-Server Project.
Now that Clarke has a portfolio and a new coding certification under her belt, she has started her job search again. She’s open to coming back to the First State (ahem!), but she’s casting a wide net across the country for job opportunities.


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