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DinnerTime adds some heart to its meal-planning app

The startup added the American Heart Association's heart-healthy red checks to its database.

Heart health is the goal. (Photo by Flickr user Mike Mozart, used under a Creative Commons license)

DinnerTime picked up a red checkmark, but in this case it’s a good one.
The Baltimore-based startup is adding the American Heart Association’s Heart-Check to food selected through its meal-planning web app. Through a new agreement, the American Heart Association also added recipes to DinnerTime’s database.
DinnerTime has a feature that shows sales at your local grocery store, allowing users to compile grocery lists. Within the system, the AHA check indicating a heart-healthy food appears next to items as they are flagged for a shopping list.
It’s another way the startup, which was cofounded by husband and wife Laura and Charlie Moore, is underlining health as much as food. Earlier this year, the startup inked a deal to be offered as part of Evergreen Health’s member offerings.

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