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We asked for your #dctech Valentines, and boy did you share the love

A list of all the startups, meetups and tech orgs you're currently crushing on.

Love is in the air. (Photo by Flickr user lifelikeapps, used under a Creative Commons license)

Happy Valentine’s Day, love birds.

In honor of the holiday we put out a call to the #dctech community, asking you to share which people, organizations, groups or startups you’ve got a crush on. Does DC Tech Meetup fill you with feelings of glee? Or maybe you totally disagree with the assertion that the work Goodshuffle is doing isn’t sexy? Whatever the object of your affection, we wanted to hear about it.

And, well, we’re pleased to report that there is no shortage of affection going around.

Just a few of you managed to keep your love lists relatively short:

Others decided to name top crushes across various genres:

Christopher Breene, of GFTB Digital, also named Joy M. Whitt, Jessica Bell, Black Female Founders, Elizabeth Lindsey, Olivia Cheng and Shana Glenzer as particularly inspiring people in the community.

In the end, it was DC Tech Meetup that decided (full scale) not to play favorites or pull punches.

We know how you feel:

And we’ve got to admit we’re blushing after getting little Valentine’s Day love of our own: ?

Want to tell us all about your #dctech Valentine? Tweet us — bonus points for rhyme scheme.

People: Elizabeth Lindsey

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