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CSC’s downtown location will be more than another office

CSC Station will serve several purposes — including coworking space for entrepreneurs.

CSC moved into its state-of-the-art headquarters in the western suburbs of Wilmington in 2017, bringing the 121-year-old business services company squarely into the 21st century.

Now, after the purchase of the Pennsylvania Railroad Building, situated just steps from the Biden Railroad Station at the edge of Tubman-Garret Riverfront Park, the company will have a presence downtown.

CSC VP Scott Malfitano is leading the project, called CSC Station, the future name of the once-abandoned historic building designed by Frank Furness, built in 1905 and rehabilitated with funds from the State of Delaware’s Riverfront Development Corporation in 2001 and renovated by ING Direct in the early 2000s. Capital One, which acquired ING Direct in 2012, put the six-floor, 43,000-square-foot building up for sale in 2019.

Rod Ward, our CEO, wanted to invest in Wilmington,” Malfitano told “CSC brings a lot of business into Delaware with our services, so we thought, ‘Is there a way that we could one draw some of those customers into Delaware to do business and give them a place where they can hang their hat while they work here? At the same time, is there a way that we could attract potential new employees, the younger generation that’s looking for living in cities, working in cities and using rail?'”

The train station location was a perfect fit for drawing potential commuters from Philadelphia, Baltimore and Newark.

“The other thing is that we have a lot of special projects,” Malfitano said. “We’ve got teammates that come in from around the country and around the globe to do work here. So we can also use this as an innovation hub for our team. Some projects might last a month, some might last a year, those kinds of things.”

In addition to being CSC’s own innovation hub, CSC Station will also offer coworking space for entrepreneurs — no connection to the company required.

Renovations begin next week, with a planned opening in the fall. Expect the same modern workspace design as the HQ.

“We call it the ‘CSC standard,'” said Malfitano. “We’ve replicated this kind of look and feel around the globe in all of our offices. It’s going to be very high end, very mobile, very unique, with different types of conference rooms and technology that people the entrepreneurs and our teams can utilize.”

An early rendering of CSC Station

Concept art of CSC Station. (Courtesy image)

The historic brick building will be preserved, he said, while being modernized at the same time.

So does the new location mean a hiring push is coming soon?

“We’re hiring every day, so the quick answer is yes,” Malfitano said. The company will continue to hire people in technology, sales and service.

The actual layout of the CSC Station is still being developed, though the concept renderings Malfitano shared give some idea of the vision for the building.

“It’s going to be a destination spot,” he said.

P.S. For other flex office options, check out’s complete (minus CSC Station) 2020 guide to coworking in Delaware.

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