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We want to see your masks: Tell us how you folded, 3D printed or sewed those babies

Wearing them is weird, but we're seeing some pretty, funky, small-business supporting masks out there.

Assistant Editor Stephen Babcock wearing the mask he got off Etsy. (Photo by Stephen Babcock)
Wearing a mask when you leave the house can be a pretty jarring experience.

Outside of those in the healthcare space, many of us had never donned a mask before, let alone would put one on to go get groceries or take the dog for a walk. But on April 15, Gov. Tom Wolf’s¬†administration announced it was requiring anyone entering a businesses to wear a mask.

Many people had been wearing them out in public before this, it’s now a barrier to entry into any establishment. And while healthcare communities fight for more personal protective equipment (and plenty of orgs jump in to help fill the gap), we’ve seen a lot of folks get crafty and make their own.

While many in our tech and entrepreneurial scene here are more used to building code than handmade masks, the makers in us are really interested in hearing your stories. We’re acknowledging that we’re in a weird and scary time, but also want to give a shoutout to those sewing masks at home, supporting small businesses that are selling them or using your mask to show off a bit of your personality (if you’re like Managing Editor Julie Zeglen).

We here at Technically Media will start. I’m sporting a plain blue number my dad sent me through the mail, while Zeglen has been rocking a breakfast-inspired look made by Melissa Koenig,’s former matchmaking lead.

Production Manager Sam Markowitz wears this contraption while out getting essentials. It’s the classic bandana and rubber band construction, he said.

Sam Markowitz. (Courtesy photo)

Like so:

Here’s Delaware reporter Holly Quinn looking stylish in polka dots.

Holly Quinn. (Courtesy photo)

Generocity Editor Sabrina Vourvoulias just received her beauty in the mail from Ankara Masks, a sustainable maker in New York City.

Sabrina Vourvoulias. (Courtesy photo) Assistant Editor Stephen Babcock got his from candiandi on etsy.

Stephen Babcock. (Courtesy photo)

VP of Philadelphia Initiatives Vincent Better is rocking this colorful getup representing some Florida beaches. (“It was actually a giveaway at a Union game. No idea why Clearwater Beaches was the sponsor.”)

Vincent Better. (Courtesy photo)

And Marketing and Partnerships Manager Katrina Denk Gonzalez’s mask was made by her husband’s coworker.

Katrina Denk Gonzalez. (Courtesy photo)

Outside of the TM family, nonprofit Red Paw Emergency Relief Team got some help from their friend Stitch by Michelle G.

So, show us your masks and tell us the story behind them. How did you get yours? How’s mask life treating you? Drop me a note and a pic at or tweet us @TechnicallyPHL.

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