What is a community manager?

Sarah Jones, at center. Photo courtesy of VIM Interactive.

This is a guest post from Sarah Jones, community manager at web design company VIM Interactive.

I’ve been a Community Manager for a while now and I haven’t been 100 percent sure what that means exactly.
I remember helping figure out my title and job description day one at my first CM position as @TwitpicSupport. My boss at the time knew what he needed me for, my first task was to it figure it out. He needed a Community Manager.
Then my position as CM focused on customer service and catering to 34 million International users. Now, it focuses on my team and working with the Baltimore tech community through Refresh Baltimore.
In the midst of all this, that, and knowing the importance of community, I wanted to start a conversation with my community to learn a thing or two and help others learn in the process. So, I got a few CMs in the Baltimore and surrounding areas together in hopes of making sense of it all.  And that we did.
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