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Ready your hacking fingers and your comedy chops — Comedy Hack Day is back

The light-hearted hackathon returns for the second year in a row this November.

A scene from last year's Comedy Hack Day D.C. (Photo via Twitter)

Let’s be real — there are a lot of ridiculous startup ideas out there. And while it might be rude to laugh at someone’s actual dreams, there’s something truly cathartic about a little light-hearted joshing. Enter Comedy Hack Day.
The hackathon-come-comedy show that originated in New York in 2012 is coming back to D.C. for the second time this November.
Comedy Hack Day takes the slightly ridiculous and pushes it all the way to the extreme. Last year’s winning idea in D.C.? An app called IndieHobo that “allows the user to give back to the community… the millennial way” — i.e., give useless gifts to homeless people and easily brag about it on social media.
You see where we’re going with this.
Comedy Hack Day part deux will take place Nov. 11-13, with a live show at DC Improv on Sunday evening. Organizers are currently looking for hackers and comedians to participate — they’re hoping to have around 60 sign-ups, up from 30 last year.
You can apply to participate here.
Just want to watch? Buy tickets to the demos here. Whatever your level of participation, though, be sure to bring along your strong sense of irony. All signed up and ready to go? Get pumped with this bizarre video of a dancing astronaut:


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