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Carvertise is partnering with StreetMetrics to track how many people see its clients’ ads

The mobile advertising company and the data analytics firm have formed an alliance to help clients get a more transparent view of their ROI.

Carvertise's ChristianaCare campaign. (Courtesy)

The ever-expanding Carvertise — currently #1,270 in the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies — has more news this week, after the recent announcement of the hiring of Anthony Fuscaldo as the new director of sales for Philadelphia.

The rideshare-based transit advertising company announced the launch of a strategic partnership with mobile out-of-home advertising (MOOH) measurement and data analytics firm StreetMetrics.

Birmingham, Alabama-based StreetMetrics uses technology that tracks the route data from the Carvertise vehicles and compares it to user location data from the mobile devices in proximity to the vehicle — in other words, it shows approximately how many people are in the vicinity of the vehicle at any given time based on the number of cell phones detected around it. This technology brings more transparency and will allow a better measurement of return of investment, the companies said.

“We’ve always stood behind the measured effectiveness of our campaigns, and this partnership with StreetMetrics allows us to further showcase the benefits of MOOH to both hyperlocal and national advertisers,” said Jim Fischer, VP of Sales at Carvertise, in a statement. “In an environment that is incredibly focused on measuring the output of every advertising dollar, this partnership enables our clients to adjust or supplement their campaigns on the fly to meet their strategic objectives in ways never before possible.”

StreetMetrics founder, Drew Jackson, knows vehicle-based advertising. In 2016, he launched Axle Advertisements, a company that out OOH ads on trucking fleets nationwide. After finding it difficult to measure moving ads, he developed the StreetMetrics technology

“Our partnership with Carvertise further validates the need for third-party measurement and analytics across out-of-home advertising at large,” Jackson said. “Carvertise has long been the preeminent provider of rideshare advertising, so partnering with them is very exciting for us.”

Financial details of the partnership were not disclosed.

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