Play Bungle!, the latest mobile game from Ghost Crab Games

In it, you're a wide-eyed creature working a whole slew of jobs in a colorful world, and you can't make one mistake.

The latest mobile game from South Philly game studio Ghost Crab Games is called Bungle!

In it, you’re a wide-eyed creature working a whole slew of jobs in a colorful world, and you can’t make one mistake. The developers describe it as a “fast-paced reflex game.” It’s out for Android and iOS tablets.

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The game has been downloaded more than 125,000 times since its launch in early July, said Ghost Crab’s Chris Hoopes. It also made No. 5 on iTunes’ free iPad app list.

Bungle! is an ad-based game, so Ghost Crab makes money when users install a game that was advertised on it. Users can also buy out of ads by paying $1.99.

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