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The Department of Making + Doing’s young makers get featured in Fast Company

They're making benches, lamps and iPhone speakers at the University City makerspace and selling them on Etsy.

From a Department of Making + Doing art show in December 2014. (Photo by Juliana Reyes)

The teenage makers of the Building Hero Project (and their awesome wares) were featured in Fast Company. The Building Hero Project is part of youth design outfit Public Workshop, which is based at the Department of Making + Doing, a nonprofit makerspace in University City.

For many of the people in the program, particularly the high school students, working in the space is transformative. “Here, they’re not really burdened with the perceptions that they may have carried around for many years at school about their ability to achieve,” says [Public Workshop founder Alex] Gilliam. Through every sale, those in the program are also learning the basics of entrepreneurship, from how to evaluate and redesign products based on sales to fulfilling and shipping orders.

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Also check out the Building Hero Project’s Etsy store.

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