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A Philly startup is offering help with green card applications for $1

Borderwise is extending the offer to low-income immigrant households.

Docketwise cofounders James Pittman (left) and Jeremy Peskin. (Courtesy photo)

The founders of Borderwise, that startup from Philly Startup Leaders’ accelerator program that offers online immigration advice, decided they couldn’t stay idle in the face of #MuslimBan, so they’re offering low-income families guidance through the green card application process for just $1.

Immigrants from households making under $30,000 a year who have a U.S. citizen spouse, parent or child and are eligible to apply for permanent residency, can reach out to the company by emailing to have access to a pro bono attorney, legal consultations and the online platform to fill out the application. It’s estimated that some 300,000 low-income immigrants are eligible for a green card.

“All proceeds from the special offer will go to nonprofits working in the immigration sector,” the company said in a press release. “The initiative is in response to increasing pressure on immigrants in the current political environment.”

Cofounder and immigration attorney Jeremy Peskin explains just how tricky the process is: “A green card application can require 40 pages of paperwork on over twelve different forms,” Peskin told “For immigrants that aren’t fluent in English and can’t afford $3,000 in legal fees, this is a real problem. Our usual fee is affordable, but we want to make sure we’re not leaving anyone behind.”

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