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‘Big Brain Theory’: 2 MD contestants compete on new Discovery Channel show

Starring on the show are two contestants from Maryland, including one from Baltimore.

"The Big Brain Theory" pits two teams against each other in various engineering challenges.

Two pickup trucks are traveling at 35 miles per hour toward each other, head on. Each holds an explosive package in their respective truck beds. If the packages exceed a g-force of 25 when the trucks collide, the packages will explode.
Can you engineer something to prevent that explosion?
That was the task handed to 10 contestants with IQs higher than your blood pressure on Wednesday night’s premiere of “The Big Brain Theory: Pure Genius,” which features two contestants from Maryland.
The new Discovery Channel show splits systems engineers, mechanical engineers, 3D printing enthusiasts, a spacecraft engineer, a graduate student in robotics and the founder of Artisan’s Asylum makerspace into two teams of five, which are then pitted against each other in physical build challenges that will make viewers pine for the days when “Family Double Dare” asked contestants to only elbow-crawl through piles of slime.
Starring on the show are two gents from the Land of Pleasant Living:

  • Corey Fleischer, a 30-year-old senior mechanical engineer at Lockheed Martin with an IQ of 120. He’s from Abingdon, Md.
  • Andrew Stroup, a 27-year-old engineer for the U.S. Department of Defense with an IQ of 132. Stroup is imported to TV straight from Baltimore.

Stroup is on the far right. Fleischer is two spots to the left of Stroup.

Stroup is on the far right. Fleischer is two spots to the left of Stroup. Photo courtesy of Discovery Channel.

Technically Baltimore will say no more about the premiere other than that Stroup and Fleischer are still alive (literally, as well as on the show). Episodes air Wednesdays at 10 p.m.
The winner of the competition takes home $50,000 and a one-year contract to work at WET Design, creators of the nine-acre lake of the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.

Companies: Department of Defense

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