Invisible Sentinel cofounder writes business travel essay for New York Times

Lab samples used by Invisible Sentinel.

(Photo courtesy of University City Science Center)

Correction: An earlier headline listed Ben Pascal as Invisible Sentinel CEO. He is the company's cofounder and chief business officer. (3/4/15, 10:49 a.m.)

Ben Pascal travels with a thermocycler. That’s a football-sized machine that does D.N.A. amplification. Airport security, he said, is usually confused but doesn’t give him trouble.
The cofounder of diagnostics company Invisible Sentinel, headquartered at the University City Science Center, talked to the New York Times about traveling for the paper’s “Frequent Flier” section. (That’s the second Invisible Sentinel feature in the NYT in recent memory.)
“Embrace the Adventure,” Pascal writes:

I’m a mellow traveler. I don’t get jet-lagged. I don’t get upset. I just go along with whatever happens. It doesn’t make me special, and it’s not a superpower. Rather, my travel mellowness just evolved. What’s the point of getting upset?

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