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Baltimore Innovation Week 2013: your ideas for September

What events would you like to see at this year's Baltimore Innovation Week?

Brainstorming event ideas in March for Baltimore Innovation Week 2013, taking place in September.
Full disclosure: Technically Baltimore is the organizer of the annual Baltimore Innovation Week.

If you had one week to highlight Baltimore’s broad technology scene through a combination of events with mobile trends, open data and, maybe, just maybe, a big gathering of food trucks and robots, what would you like to see?
That’s what Technically Baltimore wants to know as we prepare for Baltimore Innovation Week 2013, taking place in late September.
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At a planning event in March, we asked attendees who work in arts, technology, venture capital and city government to offer their suggestions. Below is their list of which organizations they’d like to see partner to host events.
At BIW 2013, we want __________ and __________ to __________.

  • Old Baltimore and New Baltimore to do an event at Joe Squared.
  • The Maryland Club or Junior League to come to neighborhood cultural destinations like Station North.
  • The Maryland Public Policy Institute to work with Johns Hopkins MPA students, the Jacob France Institute and the tech community to create legislation that’s based on data collection.
  • The American Visionary Art Museum, Maryland Institute College of Art and the Kinetic Sculpture Race working with the robotics community to do a focused Robotics Sculpture Race.
  • Cultural organizations and technology organizations to host a job exchange or job shadowing event.
  • GPS artist Michael Wallace and Maryland Institute College of Art students to assemble GPS art-maps of cycling trails in the city.
  • The technology community and faith-based institutions to work together to provide faith-based groups with tech training.
  • The American Visionary Arts Museum, the Maryland Institute College of Art and Under Armour to put on a tech-themed fashion show.
  • Tech investors and Baltimore city schools to fund high school startups or ideation, and reward it the same way we do sports teams.
  • Artscape/Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts to work with broader tech ecosystem to beat the pants off of SXSW.
  • The Equine industry and investors to discuss growing a major Maryland staple.
  • The Baltimore Fashion Alliance and the design/development community to sponsor a fashion hackathon.
  • The Digital Harbor Foundation and MakerBot to sponsor a mini-maker fair and competition for Baltimore city school students.
  • T. Rowe Price, Legg Mason and the Mayor’s office to host a financial planning workshop.
  • Uber and Zipcar to sponsor a scavenger hunt in the city.
  • Johns Hopkins, the University of Maryland and other area universities to hold a local invention expo.
  • The Baltimore Blast and Under Armour to host a jersey design competition for Maryland Institute College of Art students.
  • Johns Hopkins University and Moodlerooms to put together a planning seminar for professors.
  • The Baltimore PHP Meetup and the B’more on Rails Meetup to work to develop apps for city government.
  • Local gaming startups and game developers to host a “Game Jam,” or an entire day of just playing video games.
  • Local VC groups, like Wasabi Ventures and the Baltimore Angels, and area universities to host a forum on getting venture capital.
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