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Under Armour is a technology company hiring ‘brilliant engineers’

UA will be recruiting at's NET/WORK job fair on Feb. 17.

Insert Amazon here? (Image courtesy of Under Armour)

You can add Under Armour to the mix: It’s “a technology company,” says Brian Johnston, UA’s director of ecommerce engineering.
The sports apparel giant is competing for “brilliant engineers” just like any other technology brand in Baltimore (or around the world) — particularly in UX, infrastructure and software development, to highlight a few. UA is big on data, so it makes sense that the company is hiring to fill those needs and plan for its upcoming expansion.
So now, if you’ve wanted to work for the South Baltimore tech anchor, now’s your chance. They’ll be at NET/WORK Baltimore Feb. 17,’s unique take on the job fair.

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To better know what to expect about working for Under Armour’s tech team, we asked Brian some questions. As always, the transcript is edited for length and clarity.


TB: Under Armour is headquartered in Baltimore. How has Baltimore impacted UA’s growth and how does that affect your decision to continue hiring locally?
BJ: Under Armour continues to set and hit aggressive growth targets, fueled by global expansion, with Baltimore at the epicenter. We are nowhere close to exhausting the rich and broad talent set available in the local market and expect to maintain a sizable footprint for years to come.
What types of positions are you currently hiring for?
As a technology company, Under Armour actively recruits brilliant engineers across numerous disciplines — architecture, infrastructure, software development and UX, to highlight a few.
What are some skills you look for in potential candidates?
Skills can be learned and mastered; while they are certainly an important facet of any candidate, we value ingenuity, passion for technology and strong cultural identifiers far more. Inspire those around you by thinking big? Relentlessly pursue excellence? Make a great teammate? Check off these boxes and you’re on the right path.
What was one non-traditional hire that ended up working out?
We have so many stories about highly successful people landing at UA in non-conventional ways that it has become part of our culture. Given the rapid growth of our business, many people are doing jobs completely different than the skills for which they were originally hired.
Where do you find most of your talent?
We make heavy use of internal referrals — there’s something great about having a history of being in the trenches with someone that regular interviews have a hard time demonstrating. We love local meetups (like hackathons or technology groups) and our talent team scours Stack Overflow, Hacker News and other online places where there are active communities.
When hiring outside of Baltimore, how do you make the sell on moving there?
Under Armour is a brand on fire — the values we embody naturally attract the talent we need. The opportunity to be part of something bold, exciting and rewarding is our pitch; location is something in which we can find flexibility.
How would you generally describe the culture at Under Armour?
Under Armour is special — which means it’s not for everybody. We set and meet aggressive expectations, we celebrate wins and learn from setbacks. It is truly a growth environment in every facet — come ready to own part of the next big thing!
Are there any personal stories regarding the growth or success of UA you’d be willing to share?Something perhaps regarding your experiences working with the company?
One thing that has always impressed me about being at Under Armour is that we are fearless, aggressive adopters of technology. I remember at one point our well-laid-out plans had not gone as anticipated and the team was forced to identify, vet, test and integrate an emerging technology two weeks before a huge event that drove hundreds of millions of visitors. Not what we’d consider ideal but a great example of how smart people drive results.
Any other thoughts or stories you think it would be valuable for potential candidates to hear about?
Consider starting at Under Armour like stepping into the sprinter’s blocks for your career. Your time here is an opportunity to move and succeed as fast as you’re able.


Sound interesting? Make sure to stop by NET/WORK Baltimore next Wednesday to meet UA’s recruitment team in person (plus reps from 25 other hiring companies). Additionally, you can check out UA’s job listings for more info on specific positions.

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