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5 reasons why the cofounders of insurance startup Peach picked Baltimore

Cofounders Luke Cooper and Chris Garvis say the city's close-knit tech community and strategic location in the Northeast Corridor are key reasons why the online warranty platform chose Charm City.

Charm City. (Photo by Flickr user Patrick Gillespie, used under a Creative Commons license)
This is a guest post by Peach cofounder Luke Cooper.

Many aspiring tech entrepreneurs flock to Northern California or cities perceived to be “best” at getting growing companies off the ground. Incubators and technology corridors help expedite growth and foster innovation. After all, we are proud graduates of TechStars and Colorado’s newly launched Boomtown Boulder.
But while we cherish what we learned from both opportunities, we take great pride in being headquartered in Baltimore.
Here are 5 reasons why we love Charm City for launching and growing our company, Peach.

1.  Inspiration from icons & innovators

From Kevin Plank and Under Armour to the wearable tech of 180s, we are literally surrounded by incredible business leaders. Baltimore is home to some of the nation’s oldest and most successful companies. For example, spice giant McCormick & Company (founded in 1889) and the financial services icon T.Rowe Price (1937). It doesn’t hurt that we share space with one of the city’s best places to work five years running, entreQuest.

2. Close-knit community

Whether you are born and raised nearby or are a transplant, Baltimore is a city with a small-town feel. The level of support, advising and encouragement we have received since starting our venture has been incredible. You don’t have to move to Silicon Valley to find a supportive tech community.

3. Character and, well, charm

We work in the Broom Corn building on Fleet Street. Sandwiched between the Inner Harbor and Fells Point, this location makes our walking meetings and team lunches a treat. And when we need an excursion or break from routine, a quick drive up 83 to Artifact Coffee in Hampden or Zia’s Cafe in Towson keeps us nourished and rejuvenated all at once.

4. Proximity to Washington, D.C.

The D.C. area’s efforts to establish itself as a hub for startups and tech incubators are well known. Many experts and advisers have settled in the area, providing us access to some of the nation’s and world’s greatest minds in entrepreneurship and innovation. In addition, our position in the Northeast Corridor means resources in tech hubs like Philly, Brooklyn and Boston are just an Amtrak away.

5. Family

Baltimore is our home. I live in Guilford, and our CTO Chris Garvis resides in Rogers Forge. I’ve been a lawyer in Baltimore for the past 12 years, and I worked as an in-house counsel at State Farm in Towson. Living and working in Baltimore keeps us close-by our extended family and relatives. It’s important to stay grounded and focused on what matters when the startup grind gets you down.


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