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5 questions with ‘Git Cute’ podcaster Jocelyn Harper

The Delaware dev delivers a different kind of tech podcast.

Jocelyn Harper. (Courtesy photo)

Tech podcasts offer a wealth of information for the ascending technologist, but podcasts, like music or a pair of chunky heels, aren’t one-size-fits-all.

Jocelyn Harper, a full stack developer at Capital One, started her podcast, “Git Cute,” in late April with the episode “Breaking into Tech is Hard (But Worth It).” In it, she gives advice on entering into the tech field, navigating coding bootcamps (she’s a Zip Code Wilmington graduate) and maintaining a career in a field where a woman technologist of color is not the status quo.

We asked Harper five questions about the podcast, which can be streamed on standard podcast services. Here’s what she said:

1. How did “Git Cute” get started?

I started “Git Cute” because all of the technology podcasts that were recommended to me were made by people with different experiences than me, and honestly were not pleasant to listen to in succession. I wanted to start something that was fresh, informative, and a little funny.

2. Do you have a favorite episode or guest?

My favorite episode thus far is my testing episode because it’s something that I’m so passionate about.

3. Any fun stories about making the podcast?

The funniest thing about it was trying to come up with a name for it! I needed it to be obviously tied to software engineering without it alienating people that are just starting their programming journey. I also needed it to be kitschy; it’s a large part of my personal brand so it needed to tie in.

4. What’s your podcast setup?

My podcast setup is pretty simple for now: a Blue Snowball microphone pop filter and edited with Audacity on my MSI laptop. Once I start having more guests on the podcast, I will have to upgrade my home studio or find a studio to record, but that’s a long way off yet.

5. Dream guest?

My dream guest would be Serena Williams because her venture into technology is so interesting to me. I would love to pick her brain on investing and what technology means to her specifically.

Bonus question: Can you tease future topics?

As far as future guests, I have a few lined up so far, but none I want to reveal quite yet — but cybersecurity is a hard focus with one guest.

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