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Benjamin’s Desk next ‘Powered by’ location: Wilmington’s 1313 Innovation

The Delaware hub marks the third chapter in Benjamin's Desk's licensing model (and the first one to cross state lines).

The crowd at 1313 Innovation during its 2015 launch event.

(Photo courtesy of Mona Parikh)

Full disclosure: Technically Media is a tenant of one of Benjamin's Desk's Philadelphia locations. Additionally, 1313 Innovation is the title sponsor of Delaware Innovation Week 2016, which is organized by

The latest news from Philly-based coworking network Benjamin’s Desk goes beyond state lines: our sister site Delaware reports the company has struck a licensing deal to “power” 1313 Innovation, a 6,000-square-foot incubator space in Wilmington, which is slated to expand further over the coming year.
“In January, 1313 Innovation will implement guidelines outlined in the Benjamin’s Desk operations manual, as well as shared marketing strategies,” writes reporter Rana Fayez. “The idea is to bring connectivity to current 1313 Innovation members by giving them access to members of the coworking network’s Philadelphia spaces.”
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At our last check-in, we saw the company open a 40,000-square-foot coworking space at Pennovation, the first one under a “Powered by Benjamin’s Desk” model. A couple of weeks later, the Benjamin’s Desk crew announced another iteration of that model in Montgomery County by way of a 3,500-square-foot space in a development called the Ambler Yards. The Wilmington space marks the third one to follow the company’s regional playbook.
We’ll double down on our previous question: as the licensing model gets rolled out, what will this mean for the culture and experience at each location? A positive sign can be found in the stakeholder meetings the company will be holding over the next two months to figure out what the space should look like, and how to best plug into the community.
Here’s a quick pitch video:


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