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Vote for your 5 favorite #DCtech passion projects

From Twitter bots to accountability apps, we know D.C. technologists love making cool stuff. Give us your top five.

A happy hour in Washington, D.C. (Photo by Flickr user Tech Cocktail, used under a Creative Commons license)
Who says D.C. isn’t creative?

We at cover tech-driven businesses every day, but we love a good side project. They bring joy and awe and wonder to the vast hellscape that is the modern-day internet.
We also love a good contest, so we’ve created a quick poll to celebrate the best work of fun-loving D.C. technologists.
Vote now
We’ll be accepting votes until 6 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 26 and we’ll be sure to let you know who won.
To re-familiarize yourself with the 14 nominees, here’s a look at some of our past coverage:

@DistrictPic from Max Leyzerovich

PAW from iStrategyLabs

powwow from Owen Willis

Capital Improvement Tracker from Chris Given, Code for DC

DataLensDC from Kate Rabinowitz

viewtific from Carla Uriona

Coffeemate from 18F

We The People DC from Katelyn Bryant-Comstock and Macon Lowman

Don’t Play With Your News from Gregor Hochmuth

@TuneIntoNews from Sarah-Jaine Szekeresh, Hear Me Code

#dctech Ping Pong Invitational from Social Tables

100 Days of Commits from Women Who Code DC

DC Tech Cal from Troy Crosby

Civic data nonprofit District Ninja


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