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Next week: Vistar Media is hosting a dev talk on Google’s new Bazel build system

Also, there's an international expansion in the works.

Now that they’re all settled in at that second office they moved to last summer, Vistar Media’s dev team wants to have you over for a demo night featuring Google’s new Bazel build system, Amazon’s ECS and ECR services and — rumor has it — tacos.

“Any engineers who are interested in this should definitely stop by and check out how we’re using them,” said Vistar Media recruiter Diane Worthington. “We use ECR as a repository for our various application Docker images, and we utilize ECS for running long lasting services and scheduled tasks using Docker. We’ve been using Bazel for the past year and a half to speed up builds, manage programs in different languages within a single repository, and to simplify and self-contain build dependencies.”

Behind the cordial invitation to get beer and tacos is a hiring push at the NYC-based startup. Per Worthington, the firm is looking to bring aboard some 30 staffers in 2017 to join their NYC and Philly locations. There’s also an upcoming international expansion: Vistar Media is aiming to set up U.K. and Canada expansions before the end of the year.

The current staff count is at 59 total employees and 21 engineers. The hiring push would bring the company’s engineering team (most of whom are Philly based) up to 30.

The event is on Wednesday, March 22, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

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