Toss the blazer and get your hands on cutting-edge tech at Penn Mutual

See why technologists are flocking to the Horsham investment firm.

Office hangs at Penn Mutual.

(Photo by Kristin Dudley)

For decades, financial firms have collectively held a reputation for being stuffy, rigid suit farms reserved for uber-competitive investment types.

Well, it looks like someone forgot to tell Penn Mutual. The Horsham-based investment services firm defies Wall Street stereotypes with its casual Friday vibes and cutting-edge approach to fintech.

Founded in 1847, Penn Mutual has been around the data biz block longer than most. Rather than resting on its laurels, it continues to hire technologists who are excited to take a high-tech approach to redefining the capabilities of an old-school industry.

Employees gain the satisfaction of making an impact on client’s lives — safeguarding assets and setting up families for the future — while being given the creative freedom and ownership to introduce and implement advanced forms of technology in the process.

Today, Penn Mutual uses tech from Cassandra to Spark and blockchain to machine learning. Tomorrow? Well, if you have an idea, why not check out its new culture page and give a shout?

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