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This Week in Jobs: Calendars will save us

Time is a flat circle.

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Hi! You’re reading the Pittsburgh edition of This Week in Jobs (TWIJ), a weekly newsletter written by our team at in partnership with InnovatePGH and the Pittsburgh Innovation District. Each week we put together for you a slate of news and fresh job opportunities in the ‘burgh. It’s mean to live in your inbox; subscribe here.

It’s Tuesday! Yes, days of the week are still a thing, and we hope TWIJ is serving as a humble timekeeper. It’s your weekly chance to check out the freshest tech jobs delivered right to you, and it’s important to stick to a schedule for activities you enjoy.

For example: Pittsburgh Dad is still at it, dropping a new video to make sure people warsh their hands and stay in the hahs. It’s not surprising though — he wasn’t slowed down by the “Man Flu” in 2017 (or the Steelers’ loss last December) either.

Also hopefully you’re taking some time to appreciate the constant things, like dependable trash collection and cherry blossoms. There are some schedules that just shouldn’t be interrupted.

Speaking of which, let’s get down to this week’s business.

The News

Remember 2019? Well, turns out it was an incredible year for Pittsburgh startups, according to a report from Innovation Works and Ernst & Young. A total of 139 startups saw almost $3 billion in investment last year, a fivefold increase from 2018.

That kind of news is all the more reason that local founders can’t let the coronavirus pandemic take all the wind from their sails. Starting Thursday, a weekly series of virtual sessions organized by Kit Mueller looks to bring together local VC funders and Pittsburgh-based founders to get a grasp of conditions on the ground and how startups should be positioning themselves in the near and long term.

Volunteers continue to come out to support the relief effort, including those from the tech community:

  • 412 Food Rescue developed a virtual volunteer option and reported that 86 new volunteers have completed a food supply run for them since March 9.
  • Duolingo on Thursday launched a free app to help kids with reading and writing.
  • Duolingo also partnered with the Pittsburgh Penguins to donate 35 laptops to a local nonprofit.

Lastly, if you’re an HR professional looking for a little guidance or support on how to manage a workforce in these times (or just someone curious how growth-stage tech companies are reacting to COVID-19), check out this recap of a webinar last week that covered some good tips and important considerations on how to navigate this shifting landscape.

The Jobs

Starting to enjoy the challenge of lighting yourself for Zoom meetings? These jobs are remote all year round:

The End

That’s it for this week, we’ll be back next week and the week after that one.

As always, you can check out any openings from across the mid-Atlantic on’s jobs board any time and we’ll see you next week.


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