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What 3 tech educators have planned this semester

First State tech educators weigh in on their goals for the new school year.

Leaves are turning, school bells are ringing and students are rushing to class. It must be the beginning of fall term.
Whether you’re a new or returning student, starting off a class with a strong learning strategy and focused goals can make a huge difference in your progress. So we turned to some of Delaware’s brightest tech educators to see what they have planned for their students this semester.

Scott Shaw, Wilmington University

Scott Shaw helps one of his students at Wilmington University.

Scott Shaw helps one of his students at Wilmington University (Courtesy photo)

“I am teaching VMG 310 Advanced Motion Graphics using Adobe After Effects and their creative suite and I hope to get students creating professional-level motion graphics projects that you would see on TV, in films and all over the web. I’m also teaching GMD 401 Game Development I. We are creating templates and toolsets that they can use during game jams, new project endeavors and anytime they are prototyping projects. Today we are running a game jam around a text-based adventure/fact-finding game utilizing XML as a backend. Super fun!”

Pauline Rubin, University of Delaware

Pauline Rubin, at The Loft coworking space in Wilmington.

Pauline Rubin, at The Loft coworking space in Wilmington. (Photo by Melissa DiPento)

“We [Pauline Rubin and John Himics] are teaching a section of Entrepreneurial Marketing. This course emphasizes gaining first-hand experience with fundamental marketing processes, concepts and principles, as well as tools and tactics that are useful in entrepreneurial contexts, especially digital marketing techniques. We hope to teach ‘scrappy’ marketing to our students because whether they start their own businesses or work for a company after graduation, focusing on your audience and getting results on a tight budget will always set you apart.”

Tariq Hook, Zip Code Wilmington

Tariq Hook (right) teaching a course at Zip Code Wilmington.

Tariq Hook (right) teaching a course at Zip Code Wilmington.

“This is our fourth time up to bat here at Zip Code. One thing is, we have finally solidified the pacing of the class. In the first few classes we were unsure how far and how fast we could guide our students through the required material. At this point we know exactly what our new recruits can handle in a particular span of time. The most dramatic change in how we are approaching it this time is the introduction of Tribes. We took all the data we gathered during our extensive interview process and matched the students up in groups of five to six people, each tribe is responsible for turning in work as a collective. The tribes meet every day and check-in in a very Agile Scrum–like fashion, and they hold each other accountable for assignment completion and reading material.”

Companies: Zip Code Wilmington / Wilmington University / University of Delaware

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