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Technologists, tell us what (and how) you’re building this October

For Software Development Month, reporters will dive deeper into local companies' tech stacks, upskilling trends, technical side projects, coding bootcamps and the like. Plus: Noms are open for the 2020 RealLIST Engineers through Oct. 15.

Getting to work. (Photo via Code Academy)

This editorial article is a part of Software Development Month of's editorial calendar.

At’s 2020 Developers Conference, we heard from a dozen-plus software developers and other technologists on chaos engineering, hackathon project scaling, trends shaping their workplaces and the like.

We aim to keep that conversation going with Software Development Month of this year’s editorial calendar.

We write for — not just about — the local pros building innovative apps, websites and products. And following up on 2019’s Tech Stacks Month, this October, we’re dedicating extra reporting time to talking with those technologists, with an aim to dig deeper into the processes and trends behind the code.

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Want to show us your absurd (or extremely practical) side projects? Have a cool perspective to share on what programming languages are most essential to know in 2020 (especially amid a COVID-shifted professional landscape)? Does your company have unique processes and strategies behind how its technology comes together? Want to write a first-person guest post about building your first app? Want to share some resources you used to level up your dev skills — or want to know which you need to do so? Let us know:

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We’re also actively soliciting nominations for our 2020 RealLIST Engineers in all our markets. Know someone who exemplifies technical aptitude, community leadership and collaborative practices? Tell us here by Oct. 15:

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