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Here’s a peek at Baltimore technologists’ work-from-home setups

We put out the call to see how Baltimoreans are working from home, and here's how they responded. Some keys to living your best remote work life: Monitors, plans and friends.

Workin' from home. (Photo by Flickr user So Many Desks, obtained under a Creative Commons license)

What a year it’s been these last two weeks.

Plenty of companies around the Baltimore area have closed their offices in an effort to help slow the spread of COVID-19. And with nonessential businesses shuttered around the state this week, it doesn’t appear like a change will be coming soon. So let’s settle in, and figure out how to make it as comfortable as possible.

While working from home is hardly a new concept in 2020, this very necessary change to protect health and safety nevertheless brought a shift. Many companies are set up with multiple options for how folks work. But now, pretty much everyone who normally works in an office setting is doing the same thing.

Still, it’s clear that there’s still lots of variety to be found. Some had years of experience working from home to tailor every chair and accessory exactly to their liking, while others had to adjust on the fly. Personally, I’ve got a new shared office with a dedicated desk and two big windows nearby, but the decorating that I’ve been meaning to do since moving to a new place a few months ago was still behind schedule. And it’s also a change, since I’m used to spending lots of time at a coworking space.

After putting out the call to Baltimore for folks to show off their WFH space, we’ve seen some anecdotal evidence that there are lots of different approaches.

For instance, one monitor is doing it wrong:

The last-minute Ikea trip was a good call:

Rooms can vary:


Plants make everything better:

Standing desks can take many forms:

There are new coworkers to set boundaries with … or, maybe don’t:

And we may all be working from home, but don’t sleep on the chance to catch up with old friends:

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