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11 #dctech companies hiring right now

From Nava to Vox, here's who you can meet at our March 29 jobs fair.

Some of the great folks who will be at our jobs fair, NET/WORK. (Image by Jeanette Lloyd)
Hey, friend. Are you on the hunt for a more exciting/profitable/challenging/mission-driven job?

Maybe you’re just curious as to what opportunities are out there for someone with your skill set. Or someone with a skill set that you’re currently working to build.

What if you could meet face-to-face with hiring managers from local, national and Fortune 500 companies for $10, then unwind with them at a super-chill happy hour with the greater tech and startup community in the same spacious venue?

Enough with the leading questions because we have the answers: You can do all of this and more at NET/WORK, the area’s largest, realest tech jobs fair. (Yes, realest.)

It next Wednesday, March 29, from 6-9 p.m. at The Iron Yard, the coding school that’s downtown, just a few blocks from the White House.

But it’s so much more than just a jobs fair. Let us count the ways:

  1. Professional development workshops to enhance your chances of landing that gig you’ve always wanted.
  2. Professional head shots so you can scrap that weak selfie you took in front of a graffiti wall (nice try though!).
  3. Resume reviewers to help you get your paper profile as tight as your hand shake.
  4. Dev talks to help you brush up on your skills.

Check out the workshop topics and teachers:

  • “Writing a Resume that Gets Noticed” with Joy Haugen of General Assembly — Take your resume to the next level and learn what HR pros look for when they’re hiring.
  • “Leveraging Technical Experience in a Strategic Role” with Anissa Keating of Wunderman — This session will give you tools and tips to improve your literacy about computer logic, code and the overall process from concept to code.

So, for the cost of a craft beer (which, btw, is included in the cost of a ticket), you will have the opportunity to meet top employers and to interview for several positions during the course of the day, meeting the people who make the hiring decisions. You’ll save a lot of time since there will be no need to draft a customized personal statement for each company you visit: You’ll be able to tell them why you wish to work for them, and you’ll have the chance to sell your (wonderful) self.

Get your ticket for NET/WORK DC and give off a first impression that turns into a lasting career. 

There’s a range of companies featured, from startups, to bigger companies, to socially minded orgs:

Companies: U.Group / Industry Dive / Nava / Contactually / General Assembly / Vox Media

Knowledge is power!

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