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Why you should go to WordCampPhilly 2015

The Happiness Bar, Yoga for Desk Jockeys and more.

WordCampPhilly 2014. (Courtesy of WordCamp)

If you’re on the fence about WordCampPhilly 2015, here’s what to expect for the June 13 – 14 event at The University of the Sciences in Philadelphia.
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Yoga for Desk Jockeys presented by Erica Varlese

From bloggers to designers, developers to customer service experts, the bulk of our day is often spent sitting at the computer. Over the years, this can lead to injuries and health problems, since our bodies weren’t designed to be sedentary. In this short workshop, attendees will be able to go over a few stretches and exercises you can do at your desk to keep your spine and neck healthy.

The Keynote : Why WordPress Works This Way presented by Aaron Jorbin

Aaron is the self-proclaimed “polyhistoric man of the web.” He currently is employed by the Conde Nast Platform Team as a technical architect and is also WordPress contributor. His keynote will focus on the philosophies of WordPress. WordPress’ biggest strength is not the user experience, the hundreds of contributors or widespread adoption – it is its philosophies. Successful projects share this common trait: A unified system for making decisions. Aaron will look inside the philosophies of WordPress core and how those influence the decisions that it makes.

 The Happiness Bar

If you have ever attended a WordCamp before then you may be familiar with the Happiness Bar. No, this isn’t the place for swag or adult beverages; this is the one stop shop for all things WordPress during WordCamps. Have a technical question? Can’t figure out how to customize your theme? Need help with your Custom Post Types? Here you can find a group of devoted WordPress experts answering all your WordPress related questions one on one throughout the day.

The Sessions

There are not many opportunities that allow you to curate your education on a particular subject. At WordCamp Philly there are 4 different tracks available: Designer, Developer, Power User and User. Attendees can choose sessions from any track throughout the day to create their own unique schedule. The lineup of speakers and sessions this year is outstanding and covers everything from Web Accessibility to Security. See the full schedule on our website.

The people

Most of all, the thing about WordCamp Philly that makes it truly special is the people. WordPress was built on the concept of Open Source, which means that folks from around the world can contribute to improving WordPress on a regular basis. This idea of “all people contributing” spills over into WordCamp itself. This is one day where users, designer, developers, and newbies can come together to learn from one another. You will realize very quickly the community behind WordPress is really one of the best things about it.


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