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Why you should attend NET/WORK, our tech jobs fair

On Feb. 19, Technical.ly is hosting a technology jobs fair at ETC where organizations can show off their company culture and attendees can show off their skillz. Here's what to expect.

Attendees at the first NET/WORK Baltimore, February 2014. (Photo by Daniel Hess)

Next month, Technical.ly Baltimore is hosting the second annual NET/WORK, a technology jobs fair where organizations can show off their company culture and attendees can show off their personality.
This is decidedly more than just a résumé exchange.
NET/WORK will be held Thursday, Feb. 19 from 4-7 p.m. at the Emerging Technology Centers. It will feature 25+ regional organizations (some of which are listed here) that are ready to hire. We know that great technologists have options when it comes to finding a job, so we’re building an environment where employers and attendees can test the “fit.”
Come for the career opportunities and stick around for dev and professional development workshops, résumé reviews, professional head shots, coffee bar and a happy hour (pizza and beer!).
Buy tickets ($10, tops)
Attend if you are:

  • Looking for full-time work with a company that fits your skills and personality.
  • Seeking opportunities in technical careers, including front-end design, back-end development (PHP and Django), object-oriented programming (including Python, Java and other mobile and database development), software and other engineering disciplines, UX, UI, product and project management.
  • A recent graduate looking for an apprenticeship.
  • Interested in freelance gigs.
  • Currently employed, but wanting to feel out future opportunities.
  • Looking to network.
  • Wanting to showcase your technical skills at a community event about tech company culture and professional development in a cool venue and great social environment.
Companies: Emerging Technology Centers / Technical.ly
Projects: NET/WORK

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