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Fearless Solutions is in charge of giving a complete overhaul

Following a contract earlier this fall, the Spark-based software shop is now upgrading the entire U.S. Small Business Administration website.

Delali Dzirasa of Fearless Solutions. (Photo by Stephen Babcock)

For the second time this fall, Fearless Solutions was awarded a contract to upgrade the U.S. Small Business Administration’s digital offerings.
The latest contract for the Spark Baltimore-based firm calls for creating a new interface for all of, said Fearless President Delali Dzirasa. The contract is worth $3.2 million over two years.
“There’s a wealth of information on You could easily spend hours on there trying to figure out how do I grow a business how do I start a business,” Dzirasa said.
Fearless will update the agency’s website, and create a series of underlying web apps to help to make it easier to find and use those resources.
Tools will focus on helping people understand how to start and run a business, as well as connecting financial institutions and entrepreneurs. A guide will help people understand the government contracting landscape.
Another component will help connect businesses to each other, enabling the kind of network effect that helps entrepreneurs to grow around the country.
“It shouldn’t really matter where someone is in the country. If someone is starting a flower shop in NoVA, they don’t necessarily need to talk to the SBA, they just need to talk to the person who can help them,” Dzirasa said. The tool would also help the SBA track the progress of businesses it is helping.
With the new contract, Fearless added seven new employees in October and took additional space at Spark, Dzirasa said.
In September, the Baltimore Innovation Award winner for Design/Dev Firm of the Year was awarded a separate SBA contract to integrate its tool that helps small businesses navigate the HUBZone process.
It marks the latest public-facing project for the firm, which was a graduate of bwtech@UMBC’s cyber incubator.

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