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Rory Laitila to give Web Dev Talk at The Mill

The coding talks are back after a holiday break, this time featuring progressive enhancement.

A screenshot of Rory Laitila in 2015. (Screenshot via YouTube)

Web developers take note: Rory Laitila, developer and cofounder of itr8group and the recently-launched droppanel, will be speaking at a March 20 Web Dev Talk at The Mill from noon to 1 p.m.

The lunch-hour talk, called “The Design & Implementation of a Progressively Enhanced Frontend Framework,” will combine Laitila’s personal journey with a brief history of the web as he covers the range of decisions he had to make while implementing Framework-Zero, a Lucee-based framework with progressive enhancement designed into its core.

Progressive enhancement is defined as “a strategy for web design that emphasizes core webpage content first. This strategy then progressively adds more nuanced and technically rigorous layers of presentation and features on top of the content as the end-user’s browser/internet connection allow.”

This is a free event.

Companies: The Mill / itr8group

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