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Dev Workshops comin’ in hot at #PTW18

Learn something new on May 2. Here's info on the day's four workshops.

Hello, people: Philly Tech Week 2018 presented by Comcast is right around the corner and, man, do we have a dope week in store for you. Our dev workshops — happening Wednesday, May 2 at Temple University — are just the icing on the cake, that is if you are into cake.

We will have four workshops, four different programming languages and four amazing instructors carving the pathway to your success. Not to mention, this will include a light breakfast and delicious lunch, we all love food amirite?

See below for all the deets:

Introduction to MVC with Laravel PHP

  • Instructor: Wilhem Alcivar, Zip Code Wilmington

Laravel is a feature-rich fluent PHP framework built on top of Symfony. Learn how out-of-the-box Laravel comes with a fully functional web app with authentication and authorization set up for you. Laravel is designed not only for best practices for the modern web, but with developer happiness and ease of use in mind. Laravel boasts tools and packages for almost any use case you could imagine. BOOM.

Introduction to Go

  • Instructor: Kristofer Younger, Zip Code Wilmington

Get an intro to Go’s coolest features. Go was designed and developed to make working in this environment more productive. Besides its better-known aspects such as built-in concurrency and garbage collection, Go’s design considerations include rigorous dependency management, the adaptability of software architecture as systems grow, and robustness across the boundaries between components.

React on a Dare – Rapid Prototyping and Development with React and Friends

  • Instructor: Ken Rimple, Director of Training and Mentoring Services, Chariot Solutions

I’m sure you’ve had times where you had to crank out a user interface for a prototype or a minimum viable product. If asked to do that right now, turns out, React, using the create-react-app starter, is just the tool to use to get the job done. In this seminar you’ll build an application in React, starting with a simple UI prototyping discussion, building a non-functional rendered UI, then move to partitioning it up into separate components and ultimately bolting on state and events.

Building Hybrid mobile apps……….The right way (Like a G!)

  • Instructor: Tariq Hook, Zip Code Wilmington

Do you want to learn how to leverage your front-end HTML and JavaScript knowledge into building mobile apps? Have you tried to build Hybrid Apps before, and found the process frustrating and cumbersome? Do you want to make interactive apps, with lightning crackling from your fingertips? Then this workshop is for you. Learn how to build mobile applications using the Ionic framework.


I know, you want to join us. So after all of that, if one workshop is sparking your interest, we have guidelines on prerequisites to make sure it’s a fit. You can attend the entire Dev Conference (this includes workshops and Dev Talks) for $65, or just the workshops for $50. We also have bulk ticket pricing for 5+ tickets at $45 each.


And big thanks to our Dev Conference sponsors: Comcast, University of Pennsylvania, Cerner, EPAM Systems Inc, Power Home Remodeling, TD Bank, Turn5Ascensus, CardConnect, Chariot Solutions, Deacom, Linode, Scalyr and Temple University.


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