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13 projects from Delhack, U. of Delaware’s first student hackathon

Of the 13 projects, five were called winners, including an anonymous geolocation-based notes app and an academic-based advice forum.

We’ve come to a point when you can’t much have a serious college computer science program without a student-run hackathon. It’s an undergraduate rite of passage, the student newspaper of today for a different kind of learning.
Now University of Delaware can say it has had its first, called Delhack. Below find the 13 projects.

  1. [winner] — using RF chips, you can see what chairs are available at the UD library.
  2. Dropster [winner]– a distributed computing tool using Dropbox
  3. Hacking Survival [winner]– an online tool to allow users to create ‘choose your own adventure’ style stories.
  4. Course Bits [winner] — an advice forum and social network for UD students
  5. uDrop [winner] — an app that allows you to post geolocation-based anonymous notes for others to discover
  6. Pong Along — a hardware hack of a ping pong ball cannon
  7. 2048 bot
  8. Shot Master 9000 — a hardware hack that distributes one-ounces of liquid at a time.
  9. All Night Programmer — a matched Raspberry pi and Xbox Kinnect that displayed real time video
  10. YTList — a tool to reverse ad-blocking technology on Youtube
  11. Lockdown — a wireless locking tool for dorm room dead bolts
  12. AI Program for Minicraft — an artificial intelligence program that plays an open source web game
  13. Autotune — a bot for reddit that would detect when someone has written a song lyric in a comment and then responds with the next lyric, in the hopes of inspiring upvotes and other user karma (presumably for being clever)


Projects: DelHack
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