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DC Tech Stories kicks off second season with Optoro CTO Jess Szmajda

The podcast featuring conversations in technical workers has a new slate of episodes rolling out in the coming weeks. Listen to the episode, and check out takeaways from DC Tech Stories Host Jessica Bell.

Jess Szmajda. (Courtesy photo)

DC Tech Stories, the podcast featuring conversations with technical workers and community leaders in the District, returned for its second season this week.

The first episode features a conversation with Jess Szmajda, the CTO of Optoro. Szmajda (follow her on Twitter here), is the creator of the DC Tech Slack and Joy of Programming Meetup. Titled “Finding Your Voice,” Szmajda discusses her journey to CTO.

DC Tech Stories Host Jessica Bell offered her thoughts on the conversation with Szmajda:

“I have learned a lot from Jess, not only as a powerful technologist, but as a person who has achieved success in her career while remaining personable, open, and true to herself. When you talk to Jess you can tell she loves tech and working with people, it gives me hope to see people in such good fits professionally. She also puts her money where her mouth is, creating space for all types of people in tech – such as supporting awesome side projects by technical women like this Podcast!!”

Listen to the episode:


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