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You’re not crazy — there are a lot of young people in DC

DataLensDC's latest visualization shows new Washintonians tend to be young, unmarried, well-educated women.

Kate Rabinowitz, you may recall, started DataLensDC in order to make sense of the constantly changing nature of the District.
Essentially, she wanted to know whether the hunches many residents have about housing, mobility or transportation trends are actually backed up by data. Hunches like, A lot of people ride bikes here, right? or Doesn’t it seem like there are a whole lot of young people moving to and living in D.C.?
Rabinowitz’s latest visualization explores exactly this second question, the question of who moves to D.C. Spoiler: from 2010-2014 (the years the data covers), over 47 percent of new District residents were people in their 20s. (Hi!)
The chart also explores gender, income, marital status and education, relative to other major U.S. cities. Read on in The Washingtonian here, or see the DataLensDC post for graphs like this one:

Who Moves to D.C.? Women. (Graph via DataLensDC)

Who Moves to D.C.? Women. (Graph via DataLensDC)

Projects: DataLensDC
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