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What’s the word? Contribute to our list of cybersecurity terms to know

For Growing Industries month, we're putting together an overview of important cybersecurity words. Here's how to help.

CyberTalks during CyberWeek 2017. (Courtesy photo)

This editorial article is a part of's Growing Industries month, when DC is focusing extra reporting on the topic of cybersecurity.

With big breaches putting cybersecurity frequently in the headlines and job postings proliferating, interest in the field that seeks to keep networks and data safe is growing. With companies building and scaling products, it’s also becoming more important to D.C.’s economy.

That’s why we at are focusing Growing Industries month on cybersecurity in D.C. and Baltimore. Throughout April, we’re learning and sharing more about the companies in the DMV and the skills they’re applying.

It’s all aimed at helping to provide a primer on the field, and the impact it’s making locally. Yet along with stories, we’re also looking to take break things down one step further, and provide a guide to the language itself. Cybersecurity has a unique set of words all its own — think phishing and firewall. We realize it whenever we cover a new company, or learn about a new way that an attacker was able to gain access to data.

So before the end of April, in collaboration with Baltimore, we’ll publish a post that provides a quick glossary for cybersecurity. We’re looking to provide a high-level overview of important terms to know: What are the terms a person needs to know? And what’s especially important in 2019?

To complete it, we’re enlisting the community. We’ll be asking the folks in our networks who know, and that includes you. Just provide a term and its definition in the form below. Leave us your name to ensure you’ll be credited. It’s subject to our fact-checking, but we’ll be in touch with any follow-up questions.

Have a cybersecurity term that everyone should know? Fill out the form at the link below:

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