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Here’s how to cure the dreaded ‘Impostor Syndrome’

Think everyone's passing you by? itr8group cofounder Rory Laitila took to YouTube to offer advice to technologists feeling down on their skills.

itr8group cofounder Rory Laitila. (Screenshot)

It’s that stomach-wringing, knee-buckling, skull-quaking sensation that cuts to your core. It’s that unshakable feeling that regardless of effort and energy, it will always be impossible for you to keep up with the herd. It’s as if you’re frozen in time for eternity, and the clock reads “amateur hour.”
You feel like a fraud. A phony. An impostor.
“It’s called the ‘Impostor Syndrome,'” itr8group cofounder Rory Laitila says in his latest itr8 Minute, an advice vlog his software consulting startup has been publishing weekly all summer.
“There’s so much going on in the technology space. There’s so many new databases, so many new frameworks, so many new tools that sometimes you feel completely lost,” he adds. “It seems like everybody else is making leaps and bounds of progress, and you’re just stuck with the old tools you’ve always been using.”
If you are feeling symptoms of Impostor Syndrome, you’re not alone. Actually, you’re in the majority. According to Psychology Today, approximately 70 percent of all people have been plagued by Impostor Syndrome at some point in their lives.
Laitila reminds viewers that Impostor Syndrome is nothing but a psychological facade.
“The feeling you have of not feeling competent enough is actually a sign that you’re learning and growing,” he explains. In other words, it’s a mental bait-and-switch instigated by your brain.
Check out Laitila’s advice on how to get yourself a remedy below. And if one itr8 Minute isn’t enough to quell the syndrome in your system, read up on a few more tips and tricks.

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