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What’s up with bug bounty programs? Discuss with DC Legal Hackers

What are the legal implications of the popular security testing process?

Boba's back, and he's lookin' for bugs. (Photo by Flickr user Artamir78, used under a Creative Commons license)

Bug bounty programs, as a way of finding security weaknesses, have been getting ever more popular. Hell, the Pentagon (not an organization known for comfort in being hacked) even organized one.

But what are the legal implications of such programs? The DC Legal Hackers meetup group is on it. Join the gang at Chief in Dupont on April 11 for an evening discussion on “bug bounty programs, their rise to popularity and the legal issues associated with them.”

We have to admit that we’ve never considered this particular angle to the bug bounty idea. But come to think of it, the legality of hacking into an organization (even with permission!) seems complex. Good thing we’ve got DC Legal Hackers to lead the charge on this one.

Curious about the event? Organizers say no particular expertise is necessary — RSVP here.


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