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Baltimore Node: new 2300-sq.-ft. hackerspace on Oliver St. [PHOTOS]

In March, the Baltimore Node hacker and maker group moved into its new space at 403 E. Oliver St.

"Hackers" working during the Node's most recent Open Hack night.

Tucked inside a building along Oliver Street¬†— across from the Baltimore Design School¬†— sits the Baltimore Node hackerspace, which occupies 2,300 square feet on the bottom floor of 403 E. Oliver St.
For three years the Baltimore Node had taken up residence inside the Load of Fun Building on North Avenue in Station North. First on the first floor, and then on the third floor, Node members found themselves without a permanent space when Load of Fun was closed abruptly last August, after a city inspection (prompted by an anonymous 311 call) found that part of the building didn’t meet the city’s “use and occupancy” zoning code.

Node member Kevin Ladenheim.

Node member Kevin Ladenheim.

After bouncing around between temporary locations for several months, the Node finally resettled and moved into its new space in March.
Node member Kevin Ladenheim said that members toured several potential locations, including one in Hampden. But the Node’s new space along Oliver Street keeps the collective of hackers inside the Station North neighborhood.
Check out photos of the Node’s new space below.
Node street sign

The Baltimore Node on Oliver Street hosts an Open Hack night every Thursday.

To become a Baltimore Node member, fill out an application. The Node hosts an “Open Hack” night every Thursday starting at 7 p.m. for non-members.
As you would expect in a hackerspace, the Node has MakerBot 3D printers.

As you would expect in a hackerspace, the Node has MakerBot 3D printers.

But Node also loves itself some power tools.

But Node also loves itself some power tools.

And hand tools.

And hand tools.

Suggestion for the parts department: Legos.

Suggestion for the parts department: Legos.

saws and masks

More hand tools. And masks. (Safety first.)


One of several workstations inside the hackerspace.


For when Node members need to take a load off.

power tools

To accommodate all your woodworking needs.

han solo

Do something wrong, and you end up in Carbonite. Just like Han Solo.


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