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This app lets you take the pulse of your party: DialTest

It graphs the level of audience satisfaction for events in real time.

Uh-oh, things are not looking to good. A screenshot of how DialTest tracks user response to an event. (Via
Now you can pinpoint the awkwardest joke made at that awful stand-up comedy show your friend dragged you to.

DialTest, an app created by local engineer Travis Valentine, allows audience members to provide feedback on events — whether it be through a scale, a smiley face or a red-to-green gradient — in real time.
The responses are then averaged out and plotted on a graph.
Valentine has threaded a familiar D.C. path, ambling from the political world to the tech industry. After working at the U.S. Department of Energy, he got interested in coding by tinkering on his own.
“I wrote this one app [the goal coach YourTurn] and I started learning a lot,” he said.
He became one of the lone 24 pupils of Hungry Academy, LivingSocial’s ephemeral five-month coding course. Now, he’s an engineer there.
But Valentine keeps on tinkering. “I’m an engineer and at night I think of my own things,” he said.
And politics are still in the back of his mind: when he came up with the idea for DialTest, “I was watching the State of the Union.” An event which he felt lacked in audience engagement.
DialTest beta is now available in the App Store.

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