Workforce Development Month 2020

In November 2020, Workforce Development Month, Technical.ly is focused extra reporting on topics like IT training programs, upskilling, tech apprenticeships and pipeline diversity efforts. We explored: What skills are most needed for technical jobs in 2020 and beyond? How are local training programs shifting to meet post-COVID workforce needs? There was also the consideration of jobs and automation: Robotics experts tout STEM education as a path to advanced careers, and the benefits robots can bring to humans in the form of automating mundane tasks (especially those that are "dull, dirty and dangerous"). Amid COVID-19, it's also true that more service and other low-paying jobs became automated and therefore more vulnerable in the long term. Where do Philly, Baltimore, D.C. and Delaware fit into the response?

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Software Development

Free bootcamp Resilient Coders expands to Philly with hopes of building an equitable tech pipeline

By Michael Butler

“It’s patently wrong when you have such a vibrant tech economy and in communities of color you’re seeing double-digit unemployment,” said Resilient Coders’ managing director of engineering, Leon Noel, a South Philly native who will lead the expansion from Boston.