How are we building a connective, social, decentralized web? What aspects of Web3 — including NFTs, DeFi, DAOs and cryptocurrency — are here to stay?

In March 2022, Web3 Month, Technical.ly focused extra reporting on the third, decentralized iteration of the web built on blockchain (following Web 1.0 and 2.0). Our reporting took a special focus on how local economies would use and be changed by the technologies that make up Web3. Look for explainers and commentary from experts throughout.


Civic News

How could the ‘District of Metaverse’ concept grow the DMV’s economic opportunities?

By Michael Mascioni

As the metaverse’s ubiquity grows, so does the potential to harness DMV institutions’ resources and make sure this network of virtual ecosystems works for all. Social Driver CEO Thomas Sanchez has an idea for how.


Does the metaverse even exist?

Manassas, Virginia-based startup Scrypted is developing digital assets in the metaverse — even though CEO Tim Cotten isn't convinced there is such a thing yet.