The Lossless Leader is an advice column written by engineering manager Leemay Nassery.

Why call it The Lossless Leader? An engineering leader is someone who inspires their team, communicates well, grows their people to become leaders themselves, removes blockers or painful aspects of their team’s day-to-day, delivers on product requests and so much more. In tech, lossless compression is a technique that does not lose any data in the compression process; it reduces the size of files without losing any information in the file so quality is maintained.

Combining the two: Leaders aren’t perfect. Sometimes they manage to not “lose any data” in the process of leading their organization, and other times it may seem like they’re losing it altogether. We're naming this column The Lossless Leader because we all admire those leaders who strive to stay true to who they are and the people they serve (their team). They admit fault when necessary, learn from their mistakes, sometimes flourish in difficult situations — all while not losing themselves along the way.

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Software Development

I’m a software architect in an org that doesn’t need one. How can I make myself useful?

By Leemay Nassery

If you can’t find opportunities, then start creating them, engineering manager Leemay Nassery advises in this edition of The Lossless Leader.

Software Development

Help! My on-call rotation sucks!

Taking time away to develop a top-notch on-call plan might seem counterintuitive. But, as engineering manager Leemay Nassery advises in this edition of The Lossless Leader, it could save your team (and you) from problems down the road.