Technologists of Color Month 2019 -

How Baltimore is working to close the funding gap for founders of color

Here's a look at how some of the city's newest resources for entrepreneurs, such as Conscious Venture Lab, TEDCO's Pre-Seed Builder Fund and Minority Innovation Weekend, are structured for inclusion.

Does Philadelphia have enough resources to support entrepreneurs of color?

When we asked industry leaders, founders and funders, they often answered quickly: No. So what's needed to change that?

Are entrepreneurs of color getting the support they need?

Beyond VC: The systemic issues that disadvantage Black and Brown founders

The Root recognizes Elizabeth Lindsey as an influential African American of 2019

This minority technologist wants to make sure more people like her are getting hired

Quinnie Lin left her job as a lawyer to launch QB Strategies. Here’s why

Meet Taylor Roper, a young technologist at Howard University

3 tips from DC leaders to bring minority technologists to the table

Why scientist Dr. Jaye Gardiner draws comics to encourage diversity in STEM fields

Philly Tech Sistas’ Ashley Turner on why ‘you cannot go at your career alone’

How DC can help Caribbean entrepreneurs

Zip Code Wilmington’s Teri Quinn Gray on education, access and inclusion in tech

How Black Girls Dive combines scuba diving lessons and STEM

On navigating racial microaggressions in tech

DC-based Black Girl Ventures is launching a chapter in Philadelphia

4 technologists we met at Super Meetup DC

12 Philly resources for technologists and entrepreneurs of color

Here’s how these DC meetups attract diverse crowds

The power of the technical mentor

Inside Fearless leaders’ transitions to CEO, COO

Meet the BENgineers, Comcast’s quickly growing professional org for Black engineers

9 steps to inclusivity in the workplace

Get equity on your calendar: September is Technologists of Color Month

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