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Civic News

What happens to Philadelphia’s hard-hit anti-hunger system now?

By Erin Flynn Jay

Two years ago, influential nonprofit Philabundance installed new executive director Loree Jones. Facing surging demand, staff turnover and recessionary fear, a new strategic vision launches next month.


Who makes $200K in DC?

Growth in tech is helping DC add wealth, but many BIPOC technologists are still getting left behind. When it comes to an equitable career ladder, it's about more than salary, these high earners say.


Who makes $200K?

Tech has made many richer. Through a Technical.ly data analysis and the start of an ongoing series, we look at what it means that at the same time, in many American cities, racial income inequality is worsening.


When should I shut down my startup?

It's the most challenging question in entrepreneurship. What is the adversity to overcome and what is a sign to move on? It's the focus of the second episode of Technical.ly's TWIJ Show.

Software Development

AI can now read emotions — should it?

When considering artificial intelligence and machine learning systems, humans must always be "the final decision-maker" — especially when used in the workplace, writes a University of Colorado Boulder-based computer science professor.