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This Week in Jobs: Crush your goals with these 22 tech career opportunities

Time to take out aggression on a seasonal pest.

Stomp your way into a new role. (Gif via

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What’s black and white and talked about all over (the East Coast)?

The spotted lantern fly has reemerged for the 2023 season. An invasive pest, these distinct insects can wreak havoc on tree and plant populations.

While this season’s spotted lantern flies haven’t reached full maturity, eagled-eyed outdoors people have likely spotted the tiny black and white nymphs on leaves and plants in the past few weeks.

So, if you’re looking for ways to take out some work frustration, the best thing you can do is go out and stomp these fledging flies.

The second best thing? Checking out some new opportunities below.

The News

On a mission to build and expand industry-changing technology, Berkadia has delivered a proprietary platform that enables clients to manage their commercial real estate transaction data from listing to closing. Learn more from VP of Data Architecture Patrick Neborg (and explore Berkadia’s job openings).

Pittsburgh-based modular housing startup Module went on the move last week to DC as a part of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s 2023 Innovative Housing Showcase.

Here’s how a Delaware-based salon is embracing technology to entice a more diverse clientele.

Ready to start courting capital for your venture? Check out these founder tips for getting your company investment ready.

Behaivior AI is using technology and wearables to bridge the gap in individual addiction recovery.

The Jobs


Philly + Delaware

DC + Baltimore


The End

Spot your next opportunity and don’t hesitate to crush it. We’ll see you back here again next time.


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