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This Week in Jobs Pittsburgh: City of Sandwiches

One-handed innovation.

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For those who may not know (which included myself up until a few moments ago when I Googled it), August is National Sandwich Month.

You may be a lover of all things between two slices of bread, but when you say sandwich in Pittsburgh, one storied sandwich comes to mind.

Primanti Bros. has been serving up its signature stacked sandwich (stuffed with fries, meat, cheese, and often an egg) since 1933. The story goes that the fried-stuffed sandwich was a happy accident of sorts, but when the drivers in the Strip District discovered it, they were overjoyed. Putting the fries inside the sandwich meant they could eat a full meal one-handed while they drove.

It’s the magic of multi-tasking in a single sandwich form.

The News

Pick up the slack! is closing its company Slack, in favor of a public channel to connect with readers, entrepreneurs, and our online community at large. Ready to chat? Come join us.

Mollusk in your mentions? It’s probably Tim Pearce, the Carnegie Museum of Natural History’s resident mollusk expert who’s made a splash on TikTok and Instagram taking snail jokes digital.

Have you met Sophie Burkholder? She’s’s newest Pittsburgh reporter, bringing a daily dose of news to your inbox. Subscribe to stay on top of the city’s always-changing scene.

As a hub for the future of autonomous vehicles, Pittsburgh could be a key player in transportation sustainability now more than ever before.

The Jobs

The Remote Jobs

The End

May your multitasking be as inspiring as a fry-filled sandwich.

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