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This Week in Jobs Pittsburgh: It Me

Googling “cheugy” is cheugy.

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The latest Gen Z slang making Millennials cry into their avocado toast, deeming everything from chevrons to lasagna as “cheugy,” is making many of us second guess our every action.

Girlboss energy? Cheugy. Punny Instagram captions. Hella cheugy. Hella? Incredibly cheugy. Honestly, even having to Google “cheugy” to learn what it means is highly cheugy.

Even if the internet’s latest punching bag term is making you feel “seen” in all the wrong ways, keep doing you — anything else is cheugy.

Now, stop worrying and check out some jobs.

The News

Shoot for the moon, without leaving Pittsburgh. Astrobotic announced plans to open the “Moonshot Space Museum” in summer 2022. Museum visitors will be able to watch spacecraft being built in real-time and learn more about space travel.

Metafy raised an addition $8.65 million to help make professional gaming more accessible.

Trouble fine-tuning your database? OtterTune just launched the commercial version of its service, which uses machine learning to create more efficient systems.

The Jobs

The Remote Jobs

The End

Cheugy or not, we’ll see you next week.

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