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Interested in hosting a Philly Tech Week 2023 event? Here’s what you need to know

Ahead of PTW23, May 4 to 13, organizers shared info on Slack about getting your community events included in the celebration.

VC trends panel during Philly Tech Week 2022. ( photo)

As we approach Philly Tech Week presented by Comcast’s 13th iteration, let’s remember why we’re here — to bring together a community of people who aim to support each other in meaningful ways.

The PTW mission statement reflects this: “Philly Tech Week convenes and connects people who use new tools and processes to make a better future for all communities.”

This past Wednesday, we at were pleased to host our first PTW Slack chat — and people came loaded with valuable questions. We’ll host another Slack chat on Wednesday, April 19 @ 12:30pm ET.

Here’s a summary of the questions asked, and their answers, so those who were unable to attend can benefit:

We are planning a tech-focused meetup that will include a talk or presentation and networking for developers. How can we ensure that our event, which will be somewhat small, will not conflict with a large, annual PTW event?

PTW23’s dates are May 4 to 13. We suggest you consider these events in your planning:

  • On Tuesday, May 9, will host a big NET/WORK tech jobs fair.
  • On Wednesday, May 10, will host a Developers Conference from 2 to 7p.m.
  • On Thursday, May 11, will host the Builders Conference during the day. In the evening there will be 700+ folks for our annual Signature Event at Comcast Technology Center (and all event organizers get a free ticket!).

Are there any event submission tips to support being accepted into the PTW program?

An effective tip is being relevant, thorough and offering something new!

Are there any event requirements from PTW?

Philly Tech Week has long been a ground-up, community-first trade. We organize the dates and will drive a big collective community marketing and promotional effort, so we just ask organizers to contribute to that. Click here for the full organizer guide.

What type of promotion or marketing can we get excited about as part of the PTW program?

We at are the lead organizers, and we have 35K+ daily newsletter subscribers across the mid-Atlantic, all of whom will hear about Philly Tech Week. Added to that, we have a dedicated social marketing team and strategy that kicks off next week, and that comes with the 20K+ social followers. We bring attention to the calendar which then drives folks to you. We always encourage you to bring your own friends and community, too, but we do know we’ll bring new people to your work!

PTW events will be added to the PTW23 calendar as they are submitted and approved. Find full instructions on how to submit are in the organizer guide here.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to host an event, while collaborating and celebrating with a community of fellow tech professionals.

Submit an event for PTW

Further questions? Email Chris Wink (, Aileen McNulty ( or anyone on the team for guidance.

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