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This podcast wants to ease the stress of Delaware’s lawyers

The legal field can be especially taxing. "A Lawyer's Wellness" aims to help its aspiring and working professionals find balance.

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Toxic work environments, burnout and substance abuse can be an issue in any industry, and the legal field is among the most stressful — the American Bar Association even has a resource page on its national website about managing work-related stress.

Inspired by the employee assistance programs offered by some large companies, the Delaware Lawyers Assistance Program (DE-LAP) was created to confidentially help judges and lawyers with substance abuse or dependence and/or mental and physical health problems, as well as provide prevention through wellness.

In September, DE-LAP will launch its newest outreach tool: a podcast called “A Lawyer’s Wellness,” which has so far produced 12 episodes , the first of which will air starting at noon on Sept. 20 on standard podcast platforms.

We first spotted mention of the forthcoming podcast on Twitter:

We reached out to Carol Waldhauser, executive director of DE-LAP and producer of the DE-LAP podcast, with five questions. Here’s what she told us.

### Delaware: How did the “A Lawyer’s Wellness” podcast get started?

Carol Waldhauser: Ironically, as executive director, I was giving a presentation to law students. I brought with me “hard-copy” brochures. Suddenly and without warning, the light went on in my brain — I have to do better than this to outreach to a new generation of lawyers.

Rather quickly, this idea took form in the DE-LAP Podcast. Equally as important, I realized that I could solidify a message by telling a story — one podcast at a time — along with giving pertinent tips, skills and information on issues within the legal profession and community.

What’s your podcast setup?

DE-LAP, LLC is a separate and confidential program within the Delaware State Bar headquarters. DE-LAP has a suite of offices and one is turned into our studio.

The DE-LAP podcast team consists of Antonio Byrd, director of media and cinematography; Aner Marks, IT director; Rich Lombino, Esq., LSW, podcast interviewer; and I am the executive director of DE-LAP and producer. Bottom-line: individuals with a passion and purpose make up our podcast team. And it works!

Do you have a favorite episode or guest?

No favorites. Presently, we are moving forward in getting all [recorded] podcasts ready for presentation. All guests bring an important passion and purpose to the Delaware legal profession and community.

Any interesting stories about making the podcast?

The most interesting story about making the podcast is the fact that:

  1. One can gain perspective on a passion;
  2. One can gain perspective through different lenses; and
  3. We keep excellent company and have fun while getting information out to our cohort and community.

Dream podcast?

Clearly, this is in no way a political statement, nor is it an endorsement of any party, but my dream podcast would be to interview the Hon. Joseph R. Biden, Jr., Esq.

Why? In my professional opinion, the Hon. Joseph Biden, both as a lawyer and as a human being , has experienced grief throughout his professional and personal life. Through all of it, he was able to find a quality of life and quality of professionalism that encouraged health and wellness, professional growth. He has a story to tell and coping skills to talk about for lawyers, law students and judges.


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